Pastel Play
While pastels for spring might not be the most groundbreaking of trends, soft shades of pink, blue, purple, and green are having a major moment—just not in their typical fashion. Read more to learn about subtle tweaks that will make your long-time color crush turn into an edgy new neutral.

Shades like mint green, sky blue, and cotton candy pink no longer have to be reserved for the girliest of girls. Pastels have a neutral quality to them, allowing them to be a great alternative to standard nudes. Adding a chic gold stud, metallic moon, or unique negative space allows for textural elements that give your look an unexpected edge, especially when you add a matte top coat. As pastel addicts, we wanted to share our four different ways to incorporate these delicate colors into your next mani. 

Pastel Play

They're so versatile when it comes to nail art designs. 

“I’m currently obsessed with Artistic Colour Gloss What A Girl Flaunts. It’s a milky pink that looks edgy when matte but just as cool with a simple moon of negative space. Also, if you add a pearly foil on top, it transforms into a shimmery iridescent pale pink that’s luxe, feminine, and sophisticated.” –Elle, ceo

They simply make you feel happier.

“I love a minty green, like Essie Mint Candy Apple, for summer. It's super happy and reminds me of getting ice cream cones in my hometown. Plus, pastels always make you look like you have a healthy glow, even pre-beach vacation.” –Julie K., creative director 

Pastel Play

They make you look way tan. 

"I love the way that CND Creekside (a light blue) looks with my skin tone and how it makes me feel instantly tanner. It's pretty feminine without being too girly." -Lindsey, director of business  

They are subtle enough to replace your go-to neutral. 

"I initially became hooked on Artistic Colour Gloss Always Right when I got a graphic negative space design paired with a chic gold stud. Since then this lavender shade became a perfect neutral replacement with a little more color pop than my usual gray or nude. -Christina, assistant brand manager

Pastel Play