Peeling Back the Layers
Peeling Back the Layers
Spring is on its way—celebrate by showing some skin. Negative space looks are gorgeous year-round, but we're especially fond of them during warmer months. Our favorite looks are inside.

Skin is in. While it might still be too cold to bare limbs, fingers are enjoying glove-free days now that it's March. Celebrate warmer weather and freedom from gloves with a negative space manicure. Showing some skin at the moon or on our nail bed is our favorite way to reveal a bit without baring all. We've put together our favorite negative space looks to inspire your next manicure here.

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Seen above: Midas Touch. This negative moon look is beautifully complemented with a gold (or your choice of metallic) tip.

Crop Top: a playful look for revealing your moon.

Moonstruck, a Paintbox client-favorite. 

Power Point: for negative space with extra oomph, we add a Swarovski crystal.