Red Revamped

Confession: if forced to choose just one color polish to wear for the rest of our lives (oh, the horror), we'd likely pick red. Why? The shade is simply unrivaled in what it offers wearers—it is sexy, yet classic; vibrant, yet appropriate to wear just about anywhere; cheery, yet smart. In summer, a fiery red accents warm weather wardrobes, and in winter the color punctuates darker ensembles and brightens up even the darkest of days. There is no wrong way to wear red and no matter your style or skin tone, there is sure to be a shade to flatter. Our go-to reds? Chanel Dragon and Zoya Sooki.

At Paintbox, we take particular joy in updating the classics. Here we present our current favorite twists on a red manicure. Whether you opt for luxurious studs, glistening foil, or a tonal ombré look, our modern red manicures are sure to please. 

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*Above: one of our all-time favorite looks is Shade Shifter, a beautiful tonal ombré.

A classic red nail is transformed by gold foil flecks in Different Strokes.

Dress up a vampy red nail with an elegant stud, as seen in Center of Attention.

A pairing of negative space and a small Swarovski stud is simply dazzling, as seen in Power Point.

How sweet it is: the feeling of wearing a gorgeous red nail is unparalleled.

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