The Beauty of Basics

A new year, a new start. We don't have to tell you we're suckers for foil, studs, and glitter. But we sometimes crave wiping the slate clean, beginning again, getting back to basics. Our modern updates on classic manicures are the perfect option for those in the mood for thoughtful minimalism. 

Consider the classic French tip—forego passé white and opt instead for red, black, or any color of your choice. We love a black or nude base but really it's up to you. If your preference is tonal, opt for contrast in the form of texture. High Drama is a gorgeous study in differences—a matte nail gives way to a high-gloss tip.

If you prefer your moons minimal, Femme Fatale is your go-to. Look closely and you'll see glossy moons make this solid-color look pop. Moonstruck and Desert Sands are our other top picks for beautiful modern moons.

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High Drama (Note: betta fish featured here lives in a 2.5 gallon tank whenever he's not on set shooting for Paintbox, so animal lovers fret not.)

New moon rising: Desert Sands.

Femme Fatal: a beautiful play on textural contrast between matte and high-gloss.

Negative space highlights contrast between natural nail and polish choice in Moonstruck.

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