The Modern French Manicure

Though the phrase "French manicure" can bring to mind thick lines and acrylic tips, we're here to advocate for a renaissance of this classic look. Why? When done right, a French manicure is feminine and elegant. Accentuating a curved edge with a fine, contrasting tip can make nails look longer. And the look is the perfect way to indulge in a flash of metallic or a color you might not necessarily wear across your entire nail. In short, we see no reason not to love the French manicure, which is why we've included several versions in our FW'14 Collection.

To help us tell the story of what we're calling The Modern French Manicure, we invited American-in-Paris blogger Haleigh Walsworth to Paintbox. As a resident Parisian and official blogger for Lancôme (and long-time storyteller on her own blog, Making Magique), she was the perfect candidate to wear one of our new looks. Haleigh chose Basic Instinct, a simple French, updated with eye-catching metallic tips, which manicurist Julie V. kept thin and dainty.

A French tip is the perfect way to indulge in a flash of metallic.

Our top tips for the perfect French manicure:

• Opt for slim tips. Your manicurist should echo the shape of your nail when painting the tip. (Questions about nail shapes? See our guide here.)

• Don't shy away from French tips just because you have shorter nails. A skilled manicurist will tailor tips to fit your nails perfectly. 

• A metallic tip is a beautiful addition to practically any color manicure.

• One of our favorite looks for FW'14 is High Drama. This tonal look offers contrast with its combination of a matte nail bed and glossy French tip. 

• Don't stop there—why should tips have all the fun? We love pairing a French manicure look with a negative moon, like Haleigh's sister Britta (our Marketing Manager) wears in this story with Midas Touch.

Manicurist Julie V. opts for a thin tip when doing French manicure looks. 

Haleigh's sister, Britta (our Marketing Manager), wears another French tip look—Midas Touch. 

Ladurée—the perfect post-manicure treat. Their SoHo tearoom and garden is a brief walk from our Crosby St. studio.

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