The Softer Side

Just as spring is meant to slowly ease us into the heat of summer, pastels are the perfect transition for your nails. These soft colors bridge the gap between the dark, vampy polishes you wore for winter and the bright, sunny shades you’ll be wearing come summer. A pastel version of any color can even make shades like blue and green (we love Deborah Lippmann Blue Orchid and RGB Dew) seem more approachable, even for the most color-shy among us.

Whether you wear a soft shade as an accent (think: our Candy Land design), create a muted duo with a design like Moonlight, or opt for a full-blown pastel party with a look like Ice Breaker, there’s a sweetly subtle look and color for everyone’s style.

Best Buds: pair a favorite pastel polish with a sweet accent nail that celebrates spring blossoms.

Ice Breaker: full coverage pastel polish is made even more fun with the addition of opalescent flake glitter.

Pastels pairs: Moonlight is the perfect look for those who can't decide on a favorite pastel shade. Choose two favorites for a fun, yet classic look.

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