The Vow Factor
The Vow Factor
Wedding season is officially here, and whether you're a bride, bridesmaid, or guest, your nails need to match the love-is-in-the-air vibe. We've picked our top romantic designs to ensure your manicure becomes the perfect accessory to unveil while you walk down the aisle.

From holding a bouquet down the aisle to raising a champagne flute during the toast, your fingertips are constantly on display when you're part of a wedding. It's time to upgrade typical bridal nail shades by adding a touch of sparkle, a strategically-placed accent nail, a geometric detail, or a two-toned design. 

So whether you just said yes to a proposal or agreed to join your best friend's wedding party, check out our nuptial cheat sheet below. It has all the mani inspiration you'll need to ensure your nails will be one of the easiest decisions you'll have to make. 

The Vow Factor

Glitter: Turn heads with this chunky, full-coverage Make An Entrance design. Or go a little more subtle (but still stand out) with Cold Spell, a glistening ombre mani that shimmers over nude nails. 

Studs: Draw attention to your ring with the chic holo sequins in Double Tap or pearlescent, diamond-shaped studs in Shine Bright. Pick a polish shade that's inspired by a color in your dress or floral bouquet. 

Foils: Our rad opalescent and metallic foils are statement-making and elongating (perfect for shorter nails). With endless foil color options and intensity levels, you can choose exactly how light or bold you want to go. 

Moons: You can't go wrong with ultra-feminine milky pink or romantic blue shades detailed in gold. Both Golden Eye and Halo Effect are perpetually classic and universally flattering. For a more conservative crowd, this one is an all-around win. 

Graphic: Update a typical French mani with these modern Less Is More and Two Become One designs. Both create delicate, yet graphic dimension for nails, and the negative space sets the stage for bolder shades, like fuchsia and aqua, to shine.