Tips For Your Tips

At Paintbox, we’ve scoured New York for the top manicurists in the city to ensure you’re getting the best possible manicure every time. We also swear by the “dry method” for our manicures to ensure a longer lasting manicure. Soaking nails in a bowl of water can actually lead to chipping and peeling polish. But even though we go to great lengths to leave your nails in the best shape possible (literally!), there are still some dos and don’ts you should follow once you leave the studio to get the most out of your manicure.

We asked Paintbox manicurist Arelis Aponte to share her best advice for maintaining your mani. Here are her top tips for preserving those gorgeous nails. 

1. After a Paintbox mani, you’ll always leave with well hydrated hands and cuticles. Keeping your cuticles moisturized is vital for healthy nails. Be sure to apply a cuticle oil at least every other day and moisturize your hands as much as needed.

2. Keep your nails away from your mouth. Try your best not to bite or chew on nails. Bad habits can be broken! Saliva is meant to break down food so imagine what it can do to your polish.

3. Now that the weather’s warming up you may be getting your hands dirty planting those spring flowers. Go for it! Just remember to wear gloves and scrub nails clean afterwards to prevent dirt or chemicals from eating away at your polish. 

4. If you’re a fan of regular polish manicures, Arelis recommends reapplying a topcoat every three days to extend the life of your manicure.

5. The edges of your nails are the most susceptible to wear and tear from scratching, typing, etc. If you see them becoming bare, apply a thin layer of topcoat just along the edge to create a seal. This will prevent polish from lifting. 

6. Going on a beach vacation? (Lucky you!) Be sure to book your Paintbox mani at least two days before you’ll be hitting the water. This allows the polish to completely set on your nails and helps prevent any premature dents or dings.

7. Chipped a nail? Not to worry! Simply file down the nail and apply a layer of topcoat to seal everything back together until you can come in for your next appointment.

A good cuticle oil is your manicure's best friend. We swear by Deborah Lippmann's—available at our SoHo studio. 

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