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Here's a look inside our favorite style season to illustrate the way our community of chic clients navigates their nail designs. Tonal, edgy, or of-the-moment color combinations, we appreciate how their choices perpetually reflect both their personality and overall personal style. Admittedly we're also obsessed with bountiful layers of fur, cheeky embroidery, and unprecedentedly bright pastel coats.

Looking for more customization inspiration? Check out our mani Photo Box Pinterest board and follow along as we share the most inspiring looks each week. Made up your mind already? Book your next mani here

Structured, pastel coats are the ultimate complement to these light-catching organic designs.

If pink's not your thing, we're feeling real peachy about this tonal Falling Hard design.

Whether fully covered or showing some skin, gorgeous studs add feminine demure. 

Sparkly nails look extra fierce with cherry red and black leather. 

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