Why I'm an Artist: Part I

At Paintbox, we encourage women to step outside of their comfort zones and treat their nails as a powerful accessory. Our team of wickedly-talented artists are the crucial element to achieving our goal: to give women confidence via conversation-starting nails. With their curated expertise, friendly personalities, technical precision and (most importantly!) passion for nails, they make sure to have a connection and meaningful conversation with every client that visits our Crosby Street studio. Hear about their personal journeys and stories in their own words. 

Why I'm an Artist: Part I

What was your journey to becoming an artist? 
"Since I was a little girl I've always loved doing nails. I've always found it very relaxing and fun, and once I found Paintbox I knew it was what I wanted to do for a living–because every day I wake up and look forward to doing some awesome nail art! I was born to do nails and make people happy." -Nichole 

"Growing up I would go with my mom to get her nails done. I always knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry. After going to school for cosmetology and learning how to do hair and nails, I realized that I could be more creative with nails. It felt like a better outlet for my creativity, and I've been on this journey ever since." -Chasity

"I'd always been creative and a painter as a kid, I was obsessed with anything in miniature form. When I went on a field trip to a beauty school when I was about 12, I saw the tiniest gold nail charms and at that moment I knew that I could combine my loves of art and miniatures and that I wanted to do nails. Fast forward a few years, when my love of travel set in, and that's when I decided I wanted to do nails for fashion week and celebrities, which, after spending 10 years at a salon in Ohio, brought me to New York City." -Julie 

"I grew up working alongside my aunt in her hair salon from 7-18. As an adolescent, I spent every dime of my money in Sally's Beauty Supply. After graduation, I began to work in the entertainment industry (marketing) but it was unfulfilling, so I began to search for work where I can creative in the beauty industry. That's when I began to freelance, doing hair for upcoming fashion designs. It all worked for me until I was injured in a car accident. I currently have spinal injuries that have slowed my mobility and reordered me useless standing behind a styling chair. I wanted to find work in the beauty industry where I could remain creative and not use my body as much, and I decided to go with nails. I did an online search for the best in nail design in NYC and was led directly to Paintbox." -Nancina

Why I'm an Artist: Part I

What brings you the most fulfillment? 
"i love the interactions between myself and coworkers. We work as a team and share knowledge. I also love when a client leaves the design choice completely up to me. I'm really happy when they compliment me on the look I choose for them. They put their trust in me, and that's a great feeling." -Coco

"The best thing about Paintbox is that it brings happiness to clients. I find excitement in the clients' design and color picking. I like to hear their ideas and input mine, as well. Then after that part is done, seeing them hold their hands up and say, 'They're beautiful! Thank you so much!' and show them off to their friends." –Kelly

"Seeing a client going from upset because of a crappy day they're having to watching them smile when they leave my chair because their manicure exceeds all of their expectations." -Chrissy

"The clients. It brings me joy that I get to be part of someone's life. My work has traveled across the globe with these clients, and they get to wear the nails in so many important life moments. It just makes me happy." -Arelis

Why I'm an Artist: Part I

In one word, how does a mani make you feel? 
"Confident." -Cindy
"Happy." -Tyrie 
"Put-together." -Nancina
"Centered." -Michelle N. 
"Flawless." -Lorryn

Why I'm an Artist: Part I

Where do you get your inspiration from? 
"From colors that make me happy-like my pink hair!" -Diana

"From everything around me! I'll be at Starbucks and see wallpaper and think, 'That's an awesome idea!' I also love to keep things neutrals and tasteful with some (or a lot) of flare." -Evelyn

"Architecture, texture, color, music, art, and fashion." -Maira

"I'm a single-color type of person lately. But when I have extra time, I'm inspired by my Mexican roots and culture. Everything is very colorful and detailed, so I translate that onto my own nails." -Tiffany

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