Nails of New York: Annelise Peterson Winter

How did you pick your manicure and color combo?

Red glam, blue steel, outlined with the richness of gold for a twist of glam. 

In one word, how does your mani make you feel?

Polished. :-)

Any funny, nostalgic nail moments or what’s your earliest nail memory?

Sitting with my mother as she got her nails done as a child. I remember the smell of acrylics…vividly. (Don’t) take me back!

What excited you about partnering with the brands in our Uptown Collection?

Fashion and beauty is in the mix and execution. The idea of partnering manicure looks with fashion brands takes wearable art to the next level.

You’re a big ideas person. From where do you draw inspiration?

Thank you! I feel like a human sponge and take inspiration from everyone and everything I come across. I love learning, spotting, and creating trends, and connecting dots where the lines are obscured.

How would you describe the Uptown woman?

Studied, and, in general, knows how to get what she wants. And, may I dare say, she’s often underestimated.

What are your personal go-to spots on the Upper East Side?

Isabelle Bellis, Kappo Masa, Sara (Japanese pottery), and I’m still mourning the loss of Candle 79.

Favorite Paintbox Power Couple?

Like Spice + Like Spring – my personality coupled with my favorite time of year.

 Three things you’re obsessed with right now?

Husband Wife Interior Design

Barbara Streisand and Flume

Homemade almond milk

Adding a fourth: Horses – they’re my spirit animal! Can’t limit passions!

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