Power Couple
Power Couple
Power Couple
Power Couple
Power Couple
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Equally Zen and bold, this eye-catching combination packs a retro (but right-now) punch. Achieve full, pigmented coverage in two coats with our 10-free formula that's cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, and paraben-free. 2 x 10 ml / .34 fl. oz.
Like Spice + Like Spring
This calming pairing was inspired by the current terracotta trends in interior design and California in the 70s–it's the Thelma and Louise of all the couples. Both shades truly won't disappoint.
Like Spice + Like Spring
Double down on your throwback mood to give your nails a retro/modern reboot: this pallid lemonade lacquer melds effortlessly with our cinnamon brick polish that you'll instantly fall in love with.
How to
This dynamic duo comes alive when commingled with minimal nail art.
Step 1

Double your fun by layering these throwback shades in graphic, geometric shapes like this linear contrast.

Step 2

Small, graphic triangles hit home the retro, groovy mood of this 70s-inspired twosome, taking it from mellow to major.

Step 3

A high-octane, diagonal bisection across your nails is half-pastel, half-ginger, and all-the-way amazing.

Average Rating: 5.0
Reviews (4)
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