Power Couple
Power Couple
Power Couple
Power Couple
Power Couple
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This coral cherry and soft lilac tells a classic, glamorous story that's truly iconic. Achieve full, pigmented coverage in two coats with our 10-free formula that's cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, and paraben-free. 2 x 10 ml / .34 fl. oz.
Like Desire + Like Dreams
Our artists have been intrigued by the psychological effects of red–the most powerful color in the spectrum–and this pairing was inspired by a blood-red curtain at the Marni store in Paris. The poppy shade pairs effortlessly with lilac, a romantic color that's vibrant on all skin tones.
Like Desire + Like Dreams
Upend the color wheel: when our ultra-beautiful, milky lilac combines with our fiery, cherry tone the result is as sophisticated as it is sexy, especially in this curvy nail design that looks impeccable at every angle.
How to
This dynamic duo comes alive when commingled with minimal nail art.
Step 1

Cherry red gets a toned-down makeover when merged with pale lilac in a graphic shape at the edge of your nails.

Step 2

A timeless moon manicure: cherry adds an elegant touch to milky lilac, so that nails look more sultry, less saccharine.

Step 3

Powdery purple with cherry triangles will pop against any skin tone–we're mesmerized by this powerful pairing.

Average Rating: 5.0
Reviews (2)
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