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Power Couple
Power Couple
Power Couple
Power Couple
Power Couple
Power Couple
Power Couple
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Turn your manicure into a style accessory with our newest matte/shiny top coats that are truly change agents. For a glossy, expensive-looking effect try our ultra-reflective Like Glass lacquer. And to add a modern edge to any manicure, apply our incredibly magnifying Like Fog top coat. Achieve the perfect top coat for any manicure with our 10-free formula that's cruelty-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free. 10 ml / .34 fl. oz.
Like Glass + Like Fog
We know you have many facets of your personality–our new matte and shiny top coats can turn your nails into whatever mood you crave.
Like Glass IRL
Want luxe, expensive-looking nails? Our top coat transforms your fingertips into shiny jewels.
Like Fog IRL
For a muted, hazy effect try our mattifying top coat that gives every color extra dimension and edge.
Power Couples Collection
Give our colors a high-low juxtaposition with our shiny and matte top coats–they'll turn our lacquers into instant art.
How to
This dynamic duo makes any of our colors come alive when commingled with minimal nail art.
Step 1

Like Glass atop Like Blush transforms the pale peony into a sophisticated, luxe tone.

Step 2

Want to give edge to your pink? Like Fog atop Like Blush gives nails a sexy, hazy texture.

Step 3

A graphic, shiny square breathes new dimension into a matte nail–the muted/glossy contrast is mesmerizing.

Average Rating: 5.0
Reviews (3)
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