Power Couple
Power Couple
Power Couple
Power Couple
Power Couple
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The earthy green shade paired with the sky-blue tone is grounding, uplifting, and harmonious. Achieve full, pigmented coverage in two coats with our 10-free formula that's cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, and paraben-free. 2 x 10 ml / .34 fl. oz.
Like Wild + Like Wonder
This airy-earthy duo feels minimalist, natural, and surprisingly tranquil. Our creative team nailed the mossy color, which is so difficult to create, and the soft blue is a strong, vibrant classic that's approachable.
Like Wild + Like Wonder
This mossy green is unpredictably evergreen–wear it any season with this powdery blue lacquer in a subtle wave shape that's guaranteed to make you look–and feel–twice as cool year-round.
How to
This dynamic duo comes alive when commingled with minimal nail art.
Step 1

A classic moon looks way less precious (but still modern and feminine) in powdery blue and mossy green.

Step 2

The milky blue square at the base of your cuticles will deliver subtle-but-chic interest right to your fingertips.

Step 3

Twice as nice: a sharp, angular sliver along the free edge of your fingernails will help elongate your hands.

Average Rating: 5.0
Reviews (2)
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