The Paint Box
The Paint Box
The Paint Box
The Paint Box
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  •   A modern approach to nails where self-care meets self-expression. The Paint Box is here to elevate your at-home manicure with artist-approved manicure staples that both look good and work well. Personalize your kit with your choice of Power Couple (pick your favorite colorway!) and gain exclusive access to our #OutsideTheBox video series. Everything you need to nail your look comes packaged in a luxe keepsake box for storing your collection and keeping on your vanity. What’s inside? An embroidered 100% cotton towel, your choice of Power Couple, our Like Glass + Like Fog shiny/matte top coat duo, a dual-grit nail file perfectly suited for natural nails, a linework striper brush with extra-long bristles to achieve the straightest lines, a tapered-edged clean up brush, and a double-ended dotting tool featuring two different dot tips.

Nail your look with custom-made manicure essentials. Paint both the simplest stroke and the straightest line with our striper brush, closely clean up polish mishaps with a tapered brush that perfectly hugs your cuticle and side wall, and create dynamic art with a dual-ended dotting tool (nail art’s best friend).
For all levels of experience, The Paint Box encourages women who want to feel modern, confident, and connected to take a moment to themselves and explore self-care and self-expression.
A folded card with a special QR code invites you to our exclusive #OutsideTheBox videos series. Here you’ll get to know your kit, learn how to care for your brushes, prep your nails, and walk through our most iconic nail art designs step-by-step!
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